NJ sports gambling lull is behind us, the summertime.
Take a backseat??MLB.?? NFL??and college football gambling are front and centre.
And at the Garden State, there is tons of buzz about what is exciting and new into the market.
Here are five items on the radar because the Philadelphia Eagles prepare to play the Washington Redskins. And then let’s not forget about??these Dallas Cowboys and this New York Giants.
Technically speaking, The Novel at Bally’s Wild Wild West began inviting guests.
However, when you are home to Atlantic City’s largest sportsbook (15,228 square feet), things need to be bigger and grander.
Sure enough, just before the Birds kick off the season at 1 ET Sunday, Sept. 8, Bally’s is going to soon be holding the”official launch .”
The open-to-the-public event starts at 10:30 a.m.??Chris Long, that helped the Eagles win their first and only Super Bowl title, will soon likely be in the city to help kick off the festivities. Hollis Thomas and Fred Barnett, who wore white and the green, would be making appearances, also.
And there will be giveaways during the day. By way of example, the 200 guests??that place a wager on the games of Sunday are going to receive a prize.
And also the viewing experience is about as good as it has in AC. Call it a sportsbook at the center of the Boardwalk.
Here are Merely Some of the amenities:
So compared to the other areas that have opened Bally’s may develop into the destination for the sports gambling crowd.
Ocean Casino Resort is hosting a full day of festivities, if you don’t feel like waiting until Sunday.
It starts with an all-day football kickoff within the William Hill Sportsbook on Saturday, Sept. 7. Clients who place a bet will receive one free T-shirt. The hot dogs are back as well.
There’s a sportsbook food menu that is new this season for those craving more. Pork or poultry and jumbo chicken wings are just a few of those items.
The party-like vibe can expand to the??reception level??at 7 pm at which Ocean will be carrying a??pep rally. Head to the fire pit at the??Lobby Bar??at which there will be a live DJ along with appearances by the??Atlantic City Blackjacks??Bud and cheerleaders women.
And it will begin all over again with a complete listing of NFL wagering chances on Sunday.
The NJ mobile sports gambling market has expanded again (and likely is not completed ).
The current tally is at 16, and also includes two newcomers and a rebranded offering.
TheScore Bet is launched as of Tuesday afternoon. What makes this product unique is the fact that they are the??first media company in North America”to both make and run a mobile sportsbook in the USA.”
In addition, it is seamlessly integrated with system — the company media app.
Bet365 NJ, on the other hand, is the sport betting giant from around the Atlantic. It moved in mid-August via the Hard Rock Atlantic City license into testing mode.
For those who have not watched or listened to??Fox Sports Fox Bet??is your BetStars program from The Stars Group. The launch??(or relaunch) happened early Saturday morning.
You may hear something or two during the broadcast of FOX NFL Sunday about it. So are you sticking with business leaders FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook or attempting something new?
Decisions, decisions.
For Atlantic City casinos, NFL games offer that additional attraction to get customers on property. This is particularly true today that sports gambling isn’t legal.
“FREE” is the goal word that will grab the customers attention. Labor Day Weekend the Jersey Shore season ended.
Borgata, Caesars,??Golden Nugget, and Hard Rock are currently providing pick Celtics competitions. The basic idea is to predict the outcome of NFL games in the kiosks that are promotional. Prizes and rules differ, of course.
Here’s a Fast glimpse in the four promotions
If you are trying to Prevent those trips the Resorts Sportsbook program Offers a Simple alternative:
The soccer has??more than $40,000 in total awards up for grabs. And incidentally, it is free to play. Only register for the competition (online casino/sportsbook credentials will probably work).
And this are the rules:
Clearly, there are no lack of approaches to take in the first weekend of NFL games. Whether you hopping on the internet to place that first wager or are visiting Atlantic City, the choices are endless.
Goodbye summer! Sports gambling season has arrived!

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