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By Jonathan Agnew
BBC cricket correspondent
The rightful team has kept the Ashes.
Australia were always one step forward, but for the miracle in Headingley, along with the vacationers’ win at the first Test at Old Trafford showed that was only a remarkable one-off.
Tim Paine’s side were better able than England.
They had the objective of becoming the Australia staff in 18 years to retain the Ashes within their sights absolutely in England. They had three weeks to completely focus on ball cricket , after they had been beaten by England in the World Cup semi-final.
England went on and won that World Cup that was amazing final and it took a very long time to come down to ground – those who rightly enjoyed the victory and played it had been exhausted.
Then the World Cup has been the priority of the summer which has been vindicated by them winning it if England are truthful.
Nonetheless, it’s never possible to play with one-day and Test cricket to the maximum standard – does one trainer really prepare two groups to win a World Cup and also an Ashes in exactly the summer?
England came from behind for most of the series.
They never actually got on the loss of all-time top wicket-taker James Anderson later he bowled just four overs from the first Test at Edgbaston before a calf injury kept him out of the rest of the collection.
Regardless, it was a miserable means but although it may not have turned and England have been attempting to claw their way.
The finest England is hope for is victory in the fifth Test at The Oval, beginning on Thursday, to draw the series 2-2.
There is no explanation as to why they can’t and they’ll be hell-bent on victory, not least because the World Test Championship points offer can be critical in eligibility for the closing further down the line.
If England can beat Australia at The Oval then they will reflect on a summer that is successful.
However, Australia will not take their foot off the gas and might want to acquire the Ashes.
This means a great deal for Australian cricket after the previous 18 months because the ball-tampering scandal – they all may feel it’s redeemed them and the more games they win, so the further it moves them from that very dark area they dropped to in South Africa.
For England as they did at the second half of the Old Trafford Test, when they had Australia 44-4 in their second innings and struggled with the bat, they have to perform to try and salvage a draw.
They will wonder exactly what happened on that day, when together with the exclusion of Stuart Broad they did not appear to develop – it will cost them the game.
As forecast, the batting of England has been quite delicate, apart from a excellent performances, and they showed character.
Australia have experienced the amazing Steve Smith piling despite a great deal of uncertainty around him and he has formed partnerships that were enough to get his side to let loose their big bowlers.
Josh Hazlewood specifically and pat Cummins happen to be at another league.
Broad has experienced four powerful games – back at the start of the summer there was some thought he might be saying farewell but that clearly won’t happen today.
As he often appears to do It’s been great to see him back to his own best and taking responsibility in the lack of Anderson.
But he has been on his own a little. Jofra Archer has had spells in wearing down the batsmen of England, but in comparison the Australia speed attack are constant.
England have named an unchanged squad for The Oval but I can observe all-rounder Sam Curran coming , perhaps for Jason Roy, when Ben Stokes’ shoulder injury means that he plays as a batsman and can’t bowl rather than
It is very tough being the Ashes captain along with Joe Root has not had a dazzling set therefore people inevitably begin speaking about the captaincy impacting his form.
It’s not easy coming with never captained a negative and it’s a scenario England cricket finds itself in of the time.
I can not think of.
That’s not the only reason Root should stay on, naturally – he is steeped in cricket and does get quite careworn in conquer, however that shows he intensely cares.
The work things to him and he will be bitterly disappointed.
England will have a new coach after Trevor Bayliss steps down at the end of this series and that will be an chance for Root.
They have a tendency to hear what the captain wants Every time an present captain is joined by a coach and Root will be able to call more of the shots.
He has a good sense of humor so won’t be happy with what has occurred in the Ashes but he is also a personality.
It’ll be a test of his skill as captain to get England improving, beginning with how they go in The Oval.
Jonathan Agnew was talking to BBC Sport’s Jack Skelton.

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