The wins just keep coming this week! Last night we picked up another underdog winner, now about the Atlanta Braves (+108) from the Washington Nationals. As the Braves were definitely the better team the line didn’t make any sense, and with Mike Foltynewicz I believed they had the top of the pitching matchup also. While Folty had fought early in the summer, he figured things out, was sent down to the minors and had been fantastic ever since. So, I felt like I was in a excellent place to pick up value and fired the Braves.
Foltynewicz picked up the win, and shined as he pitched six innings of one-run ball on just four hits. Surprisingly , Nationals rookie Austin Voth matched Foltynewicz pitch because he allowed only one run as well and pitched five and two-thirds of an inning. But, the difficulty for the Nationals was the last night that is exact since it’s been all season long, the bullpen.
The Nationals bullpen was horrifically this year. They have spent since the pen in the Universe, and they surely possess the aid team of any group that’s still in contention. And they had been awful. The Washington bullpen got blasted in just more than three innings of work, despite what had been a competitive match for most of the evening and if all the smoke cleared, the Braves took a victory.
The reduction was a big one for the Nationals as they have now lost seven from the last ten games, along with the Chicago Cubs are just a game and a half of Washington for its first card in the National League. To make matters worse, the Brewers are one game out, along with the Mets and Phillies are in the mix as well. They will be left out come playoff time if the Nationals can not find a way to turn things around quickly.
For Atlantathey locked up a playoff place last night with the triumph and so are days off from locking up the branch name as well. With the Braves win and reduction by the Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta only trails the best seed in the game, and LA by three games for the very best record in the match. Atlanta would love nothing more than to knock off the Nats today. For the choice of today, we’ll remain here in the Nation’s Capital as the Nationals host the Braves for game three.
The Atlanta Braves are all looking in game three of a three-game show with the Nationals this early for the sweep. The Braves have completely dominated this series far as they hold a run edge that was accumulative that was 15-1 and have won both matches by multiple runs. And in both of the first two matches, that the Nationals were really preferred since a surprising notice, but the Braves didn’t stop from blowing out them. The Braves are trying to finish the sweep off and then knock on the Nationals back in the card conversation this afternoon.
Beginning for the Braves is Max Fried (16-5 4.02 ERA), and for the Nationals it’s Anibal Sanchez (8-8 4.04 ERA). The game is placed at nine and a half runs. The Braves are all -113 street favorites. First pitch is scheduled for 10:38 PM PST from Nationals Park at Washington DC.
Max Fried was not supposed to be part of the rotation this year. He started pitching from the bullpen for Atlanta and has been called up for one spot start in early April. But if he looked great, he earned another start, then another. That trend continued for a few months, and eventually, Fried earned his keep and has been appointed a formal portion of this Atlanta starting pitching staff.
And he’s been great. Fried leads the NL in wins for a left-hander and paths only Stephen Strasburg for the National League lead with sixteen wins. He dropped his last start, but he had not lost a beginning since July 6th. What has been the most remarkable thing which this year has been achieved by Fried is just win matches. The Braves are 21-7 in games in which Fried has begun this season. He pitched against these very same Nationals two weeks ago and had one of his best starts as he threw seven innings and allowed only one hit and no runs.
Anibal Sanchez continues to be all over the place this year. He was awful having an ERA of nearly six runs. He began his season out by dropping his first six choices. He set up a stretch where he allowed one run or less in six out and won his second eight conclusions. And here in September he’s begun to fight again, with a 0-2 record and 6.75 ERA in two starts.
Sanchez has made four starts against the Braves this year. In his first start, he had been great, pitching six shutout innings. But at the subsequent three starts he pitched a joint sixteen innings and got blasted for eleven runs on hits. He also gave up a season-high ten strikes and faced the Braves on July 31st and the Nationals lost.
This was a number as it started with Washington. It just made no sense. so, I pounced on it. The remaining sharps followed all that ancient activity has flipped that this number into where it stands today, as little road favorites with the Braves. And if that amount is a one, I feel like there is significant value.
We are aware that Fried is currently going to be great. He has been excellent all year and possesses the Nationals this season. And perhaps Sanchez is decent, or maybe he gets smashed. But in reality, it does not matter at that much because he is not likely to have the ability to pitch the entire game. At some stage the Nationals are going to have to turn over matters to their horrible bullpen, and you can’t expect the Braves to penalize them, when they do.
The Washington bullpen has gotten for twenty five earned runs in the first two games of this show, hammered, and I would expect that trend to continue today. So the Braves reach Sanchez or before the bullpen gets involved, they need to wait, but I visit a lot of runs. And that makes me love a play to the Braves. Give the Atlanta Braves to me as small road favorites now in game as they finish the sweep!

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