This weekend, we’ve got a PPV card at Atlanta. DraftKings has some solid contests for us to acquire a great deal of money from this week and that I can not wait to chase those big prizes. The main GPP is a $15 buy and $30k belongs to 1st place with a total of $150k being paid out. They also have a brand new Qualifier for $175,000. There will be 100 qualifiers for that contest and they’ll compete for a $50k first location cost and that $175k will probably be distributed between all 100 admissions that match. I will attempt to receive my 2nd and 3rd seats this week if possible. Those Qualifier only competitions can be real bankroll suckers therefore be careful chasing those overly hard. I will probably stick to the very best GPP this week and then throw 100 or so entries at the $30k decoration, then I will likely have a couple shots at the Q. I will also be posting H2Hs as well as picking up H2Hs throughout the week to get a fantastic quantity of drama into money games.
With that said, let’s get into a few plays I like this week along with my fade of the week:
Money Game play of this week — STACK — Max Holloway $9,100 and Dustin Poirier $7,100
This was the first thing I did when wages were released. I put both of these fighters in my money lineup and I began building out there. I anticipate this to be one of the greatest fights of all time and that I believe we get ~200 total DK points from this struggle, plus the guaranteed win. I’m okay with taking the reduction when I can assure myself over 100 issues together with the pile, but I think 150 is a secure projection for this fight and if we could lock up 3 other wins we ought to win the vast majority of our money games. Like I always say, we do not want 6 wins for money games so there’s really no need to chase it. Only lock in a safe lineup that you think will score over 400 total points and you ought to acquire more H2Hs than you lose.
GPP drama of the week — Nikita Krylov — $8,200
Krylov is my GPP play of the week since he’s the definition of boom or bust. He either loses or scores more than 100 DK points. That is what we desire in GPPs. This is not a sure pick in him winning it is just a shot at his ceiling that is what we look for in the big GPPs where we’re trying to acquire the best $30k prize. Krylov has completed all 24 of his own wins and he has just seen the 3rd around once in his profession. This is a great struggle to target on either side, but I am taking Krylov for the win and I will have a fantastic amount of exposure to this weekend.
Underdog play of this week — Dustin Poirier — $7,100
I had to place Poirier here. I adore his floor and I think he is a live underdog. But IF he wins, he will 100 percent wind up about the 1st place lineup in his $7.1k price-tag. He’s going to score over 100 DK points if he is able to get a victory here and that’s what we are pursuing in GPPs. Even if you think Max is going to dominate Poirier I believe that you ought to have 1 hedge lineup using Poirier, which can be an all-purpose struggle for me. Every lineup I construct will start with Dustin or Max and I’ll go on from there. Load up on this battle and make sure you find any Poirier exposure.
Fade of the week — Boston Salmon ($8,600)
It was tough to pick a fade of the week this week because I believe that you can make an argument for rostering everyone. I wanted to pick a popular though and I feel the favored with among those reduced ceilings is Salmon. I’m picking him to win but he won’t be going for any takedowns and if he doesn’t get a finish he probably doesn’t pay off his $8.6k price . I want at least 10x (86-points) if I am rostering someone and I don’t see him getting that unless he gets a knockout. Taha is hard so that I really don’t observe the knockout happening. I think Salmon does make a unanimous decision win here but it probably scores in the 70’s which won’t win us the big $30k. That’s why he’s my fade of this week.
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