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Parlay Calculator

Below you will discover. We compared those odds for average times and due to their Friday expanded odds on parlays, both to 5Dimes. In the very bottom of this page you’ll find a calculator which you can use to find out exactly what your payout would be about any amount to get a parlay of up to six groups (notice that the odds used for your calculator are”typical” and not adjusted for the 5Dimes Friday Special).
Typical Parlay Odds
2 Team Parlay: 13-5 odds 3 Team Parlay: 6-1
4 Team Parlay: 10-1
5 Team Parlay: 20 to 1
6 Team Parlay: 40 to 1
7 Team Parlay: 75-1
8 Team Parlay: 100-1
9 Team Parlay: 150-1
10 Team Parlay: 300-1
11 Team Parlay: 450-1
12 Team Parlay: 600-1 Odds
13 Team Parlay: 750-1
14 Team Parlay: 900-1
15 Team Parlay: 1500-1

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