Decimal odds are a simpler method of working out betting odds – and they do not give you a hassle each time that you want to place a bet.
Do you understand the difference between 8/13 and 4/7? No? Well, only a few people do. However, with decimals you’d know immediately.
How do odds do the job?
If the decimal odds are 2.2 and you also put a back wager of #10 and win, your total return is 10 x 2.2 = #22. This is equal to a traditional cost of 6/5.
Decimal odds make it a whole lot easier to figure out which cost is best – the bigger the number, the greater the yield. Take a look at the table below to view.
The vital part to keep in mind is that decimal odds always include the unit stake – thus every price tag you see on Betfair will probably be .
Fractional odds represent the profit – 5/1 means you’ll win five pounds for each 1 pound staked.
Decimal odds represent the yield – 2.2 means you will get #2.20 for every pound invested, such as your bet.
If you’re struggling with decimal odds, you can now use our mouse-over odds displays – traditional odds over every price. Every market on Betfair also has an odds-converter table.
Click ‘What are odds?’ In the Support section on the right hand side of this screen, as seen below.

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