If at first you do not succeed, try, try again. That is the concept that Gold Derby’s Emmy Pros are now giving to”The Good location.” Despite being snubbed in Best Comedy Series the past two years, these enlightened prognosticators today believe that NBC’s cerebral show about life after death will hear its name called in Emmy’s best class. For this writing, 19 of our 24 Pros have”The Good Place” in their predictions, even though none of them really think it’ll win — that honor belongs to”Veep.”
SEETell me something’Great’: Maya Rudolph can win her 1st Emmy for’The Great Place’ guest Function Season 3 of”The fantastic Place” follows Eleanor (Kristen Bell) and also our heroes from the afterlife into Earth, since they all get another chance of bettering themselves under the advice of demon Michael (Ted Danson). Danson received a nomination last year as Best Comedy Actor, his album 12th in the category after his 11-year series on”Cheers” (1983-93). The other Emmy bid the series has ever earned was for guest star Maya Rudolph, that plays Judge Gen.

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