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Trevor Bayliss is uncomplicated. What you see is what you get.
He breathes and lives investigations every single ball and cricket. Some would say he is quiet, but it when it is necessary he just speaks and, even when he does, it’s worth listening to.
His methods have been old college, and that is no bad thing. At international level, coaches can find a bit funky. That is not Trevor.
By way of example, in a fielding drill, he keeping low and attacking the ball. Trev is all about doing the basics, although That’s the type of thing you’re taught when you first play the game.
He keeps things very, very simple and, when it has to do with those fielding drills, I won’t miss his cries of”Get down! Get up! Great throw!”
I didn’t know a lot about him if he was appointed besides Paul Farbrace, that could be Trev’s assistant and was subsequently in caretaker control, saying he was a fantastic bloke.
We went into Desert Springs in Spain on a training camp. On the airplane, he wasn’t giving much away, so Ben Stokes and I starting talking back to him.
I think he enjoyed it that we gave a stick to him, and he loosened up.
Later on precisely the trip, a quiz night, once we had held, Stokesy and me pulled a small hint. We pretended to have a row that finished with Stokesy flattening me. Trev was looking around as if to say”what have I summoned?”
Stokesy and trev have gone on to develop a relationship of mutual esteem. Although I think Trev loves the way Stokesy plays , never taking a back step, stokesy has maintained up the accent. “Keep your foot on the neck,” because Trev might state.
There is the perception that he does not do much. That could not be further from truth.
When people see him watching the game, they don’t think anything’s being done by him, but he is actually taking everything in, prepared to provide feedback.
He’ll understand if we have bowled the incorrect length, not made the batsmen perform contributed breadth that is an excessive amount of, or enough.
During the World Cup closing, in the end of this New Zealand innings, I had been off the area because I’d ripped my side.
We had been bowling a lot of slower balls and among them was hit for four. Trev was crying”how about a bloody yorker?”
There have been instances once I thought he’d tear a strip off usbut he’s just so disappointed that he can not bring himself to say anything.
The captain would deal with group, then if he has anything to say ask Trev.
“OK, Trev, so when are you currently training?”
Because he’s so annoyed with how we have played he will have his luggage packed and onto his back, wanting to get out of there.
Later we dropped Scotland in the summer of 21, the only time I’ve really seen him irate was.
He said that he was embarrassed. All the time with England, we will speak – we win as a team, we lose as a team.
On that occasion, he told them exactly what they do wasn’t good enough if we wanted to be the best on earth and singled outside individuals.
There are times when I’ll think we have played well, and he’ll bring us back down to earth.
It’s not through raving and ranting, but by putting out the facts.
We were observing in the area at Edgbaston after we won the World Cup semi-final against Australia.
Trev said:”That’s why Australians think the English can’t acquire anything. You’re celebrating winning the semi-final, but real winners win the closing.”
It refocused our heads quickly.
Once the closing was won by us, you can tell he had been delighted, but his response said about him.
We do a lap of Lord’s using the decoration, but Trev did not wish to take it. He kept saying”you’ve won it, not me”.
We essentially had to beg him to choose this up, since we thought he was going to abandon it to the outfield and wander back it.
That is his way. He does not need the limelight.
He is, however, as powerful as a bear. One time, at the dinner queue, we were on a trip of Australia and that I tried to whip down his shorts.
Next thing, he was pinning me down with his elbow in my face. “In case you ever do this …” he explained. I learned my first lesson.
He has even got a Aussie string in him when he gets the sidearm thrower on his hand at the nets.
I reckon he can hurl down it at over 90mph, and that he really loves getting it back on gamers which have been turning him up. Even the tailenders are trembling till they must face Trev from the nets, and therefore that they are always nice to him.
There have been times when he is clenched his fist and said to me”I’d love to offer you a whack”. Maybe that’s because I’m one of the ones at the room, but me and Trev have always had a strong connection and he’s been really good.
I got left out of the group for your tour to Sri Lanka. Trev is quite approachable, so I asked him what I needed to do to get my location.
He explained he wanted to see”a dreadful series” in me. I went with the Lions on tour, and he said I needed to prove to everyone that I was the best bowler on that trip, even though that meant bothering a few individuals in the nets.
It worked. I went away thinking”I will show you, Trev”. Next time I played England, at a Test against West Indies, I required 5-41.
You become mates and can develop close when you are using a mentor for so long as we’ve been using Trev.
From a personal viewpoint, I can declare that when maybe others would not have, Trev has supported and reliable me when I have struggled with accidents.
He’s the coach that led us. He will be missed by Each one the players. Trevor Bayliss is quite uncomplicated. What you see is what you receive.
Mark Wood spoke to BBC Sport’s Stephan Shemilt.
Analysis and opinion from the BBC’s cricket correspondent.

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