Men's Silicone Wedding Ring Band by B2ACTION. 4 Rings Pack (Black, Gray, Blue, Camo) with Gift Box

Men’s Silicone Wedding Ring Band by B2ACTION. 4 Rings Pack (Black, Gray, Blue, Camo) with Gift Box

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FEATURES & BENEFITS: Men’s Silicone Wedding Ring. 4 Ring Pack (Black, Gray, Blue, Camo). Made of High Quality Medical Grade Silicone Rubber. Flexible and Comfortable Design Silicone Rings. Top-notch Quality. This is a B2ACTION Silicone Wedding Band. Safety first: Prevent any risk of finger amputation. No branding on the outside of the silicone bands. Show your commitment during your outdoor, fitness, sports, crossfit activities. You will wear it more than your traditional wedding band!. SIZES: All sizes are 0.88 cm wide, 0.17cm thick. Size 8: Diameter: 18.19 mm. Size 9: Diameter: 18.89 mm. Size 10: Diameter: 19.84 mm. Size 11: Diameter: 20.68 mm. Size 12: Diameter: 21.49 mm. PREMIUM GIFT BOX INCLUDED: Perfect to store your replacement band or to use it as a present to your husband or fiance!. Give him this ring for your wedding anniversary, his birthday, engagement, Christmas gifts… WARRANTY: We take full responsibility for the quality of our products and will do our very best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently!. Includes 60 day  money back guarantee. No questions asked. Our motto: You are not happy: we are not happy. WRONG SIZE GUARANTEE.If you’ve chosen a wrong size, don’t worry, we’ll provide a new size for free. We are a small family-owned company committed to our relatives, families and sons. Nevertheless, we struggle to offer the best quality products and customer service in the world.


  • Stylish B2action top value pack, with men’s silicone wedding rings in black,blue,gray and camo.
  • Gift ready. Includes cool gift box (choose Mesh Bag or Tin Box). Perfect husband gift from wife.
  • Active Lifestyle. Elastic and safe. Designed to break away and prevent finger amputation.
  • Comfortable. Deluxe high end ultralight weight design. 0.88 cm wide 0.17 cm thick.
  • Risk free. 60 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. Buy with confidence.

Additional Information


Black+Blue+Gray+Camo with Mesh Bag, Black+Blue+Gray+Camo with Tin Box


Size 11: Diameter: 20.68 mm., Size 12: Diameter: 21.49 mm., Size 8: Diameter: 18.19 mm., Size 9: Diamater :18.89 mm.


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