Charlie Nicholas returns with all his Premier League predictions ahead of a second bumper weekend of the activity, such as Liverpool’s trip to Manchester United on Renault Super Sunday…
We say it’s a start to this season. Are they doing well? They have not been outstanding. Fourteen days back Wilfried Zaha needed a cracker.
He may have got over the transfer saga, but why has it taken him so long? The Arsenal and Everton deals were lifeless, but didn’t need to leave? Of course he did! He is trapped here so that is why he is giving his very best.
He’s the best player at Crystal Palace but it reveals it could become. Roy Hodgson has done to piece it all together. Man City will know Liverpool have a challenging game however and will be thinking about whether they can make the most of which they will.
CHARLIE PREDICTS: 1-5 (28/1 with Sky Bet)
I think due to the desire from Man Utd, an average team right now, also given the chance knock on Liverpool’s chances of winning the league and to turn it on they may well do that.
Why does this take this to allow them to become inspired? Should they draw do they take credit? As an Arsenal fan, this was the one I was intrigued by always utilised to be the match for them.
In which the excellent matches were, it was constantly at Old Trafford. Anfield was vibrant and more atmospheric, but this was always the test for Liverpool, since they have never won the Premier League.
They have been battered by them on a few occasions and Man Utd won the name, but that really is do or die for a day of authenticity and United for a stage to attempt to receive, which I believe that they will do. They will refuse and sit in Gunnar Solskjaer understands that – they won’t perform here.
Man Utd won’t want to get beat and walk off. This is a’parking the bus’ type of game, in. Then it may spell danger Should they have them embarrass. I feel something will be offered by Marcus Rashford here.
CHARLIE PREDICTS: 1-1 (6/1 with Sky Bet)
It’s a test that is cracking. I am a major fan of Chris Wilder. I like lively and their power. While Arsenal are exposed also they have variety going forward. It is an awkward one.
Alexandre Lacazette will be on the bench that is a good sign. I would like to believe Hector Bellerin and Kieran Tierney ought to start.
Arsenal ought to be targeting place. They are accountable to this counter-attack and the defence can not be trusted by you, but I expect Arsenal to acquire.
Sheffield United do not have a great deal of goals in them, but they may score. It will be a night that is very fascinating about Monday.
CHARLIE PREDICTS: 2-3 (22/1 with Sky Bet)
The last couple of weeks with the football, I have found myself looking at the stats, and I am really not a man! Wesley will, Jack Grealish gets got the caliber, with Aston Villa, John McGinn has performed nicely and has scored if awarded the service, plus they perform broad guys.
A lot is I like about Villa. They are exposed, but they will be safe. Graham Potter is questioning if he allow it to be distinct or can change. He’s changed the architecture although they were fantastic against Tottenham, and it has not worked.
It is attacking and it can work. Jose Izquierdo and Anthony Knockaert consistently played wide and they had been the ball that was out. They do not have that today but it was a relief, although it was not always successful. I see a Villa win that is comfortable.
CHARLIE PREDICTS: 3-1 (18/1 with Sky Bet)
This is a test for Norwich. Teemu Pukki scored two throughout the week. Bournemouth are strong at home and those are the games which cement their credibility in Premier League.
Everyone was speaking about the result against Manchester City of Norwich, but it is not possible for them to shield and this is the reason they’re in the bottom three. While Callum Wilson is going to be new, josh King is coming back out of a decent break.
You will find goals within this team and I view this unfolding again. I would be quite pleased When this was my game in the weekend.
CHARLIE PREDICTS: 4-1 (22/1 with Sky Bet)
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This is everybody’s banker of this weekend, but Newcastle have gone and won, which people questioned. They beat Manchester United in the home but it was not sensational. Steve Bruce will say that this is a totally free swing.
Chelsea have the kids and are acting well, but they will have a roller coaster , and that’s what I said from the beginning. These are the games that it required Liverpool years to defeat – those teams don’t endanger and sit in, but try to frustrate.
They did it now at Tottenham and newcastle do this, that is the sort of team. I really don’t see them dominating unless they score at the first 10 minutes, although chelsea will arrive – .
CHARLIE PREDICTS: 2-1 (8/1 with Sky Bet)
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This is a test for a Leicester group who are best four. It isn’t a guaranteed top-four finish but I am putting them as Manchester United are weak, Chelsea are unpredictable, Tottenham are over place and Arsenal can move four or five games without a win.
It is a result company we reside in, therefore if Rodgers win and doesn’t go here, then people will start to wonder whether they had been as great as they thought. Burnley are the masters of the circumstance. They’ll watch two bit of Leicester, just the one and let them go about their business and do their thing, while Burnley go.
I don’t think this Leicester team will be ready for them. These are.
CHARLIE PREDICTS: 1-1 (13/2 with Sky Bet)
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It’s a big Super 6 this one. Jeff Stelling will be astounded if he must splash another # 250,000 this weekend out – it is so inconsistent.
Watford will be working away despite a few results since coming back with Tottenham coming back after the break. They’re all over the area.
Christian Eriksen remains miserable, Dele Alli did not receive an England call-up, with their erratic defence topping off it. More concerns for Tottenham.
CHARLIE PREDICTS: 1-1 (8/1 with Sky Bet)
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This is a sport I like, however the problem with Southampton is that there are things. There is something which is perfect.
The thing would be Ralph Hasenhuttl being moved the team won’t be , and things could develop over the coming months, although I believe the manager is down on it.
They will be flat and that I believe that they may be in for a hammering. If Wolves smell blood, and they are bouncing off the back of recent effects at the present time, then they could win. They dispatch Southampton with ease and will go about their company.
CHARLIE PREDICTS: 3-0 (14/1 with Sky Bet)
This is an intriguing game. Marco Silva has a thumbs up from owners and is still there. West Ham are a side that is dangerous, and I expect them to finish to complete in the bottom half.
Their home record has been the reason Silva is there. The Man City match was.
This is – it looks like it is getting close although we don’t have the power or authority to say .
A shrewdness is about a Manuel Pellegrini group and they’re dangerous up front with Sebastian Haller, although everton lovers will think that they should conquer West Ham.
They {will agitate, frustrate and counter-attack for 20 minutes and sit , which can cause Everton lots of {problems, especially|{problems|issue

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