The Week 3 NFL program begins in Jacksonville this week at TIAA Bank Field. The Tennessee Titans will soon be in the city for a Thursday night showdown against the Jaguars. That can be a significant match for the Titans, although Perhaps it doesn’t seem like much of a game. It is impossible for them to go losing to the Jaguars here Should they would like to be taken seriously.
The Titans captured the interest of people when they blew outside the Cleveland Browns in Week 1 by a score of 43-13 on the road. But a reduction against the Colts at home last week instantly makes people believe that it had been a fluke. Perhaps it wasn’t so much that the Titans, but the Browns and a dreadful game playing?
We’re not going to discover if the Titans are until the middle of October for real. They can be a team that it may not even be clear until later. The Titans have talent on this roster. Nevertheless, the inconsistent play of Marcus Mariota actually hurts them . From being so 18, I think when they had a quarterback, they wouldn’t be suffering.
Mariota did suffer a slight injury but practiced Tuesday and is expected to playwith. So he may not be working at 100% on Thursday, his quad has been wrapped, though. The Jaguars will once again go together with newcomer Gardner Minshew as their beginning. They’ve no other choice with the harm to Nick Foles. Foles is seeking to return around Week 11, but after having plates and screws inserted in his collarbone, they’re not going to rush him back.
The former Washington State Cougar, Minshew, got his first NFL start per week past. With a performance that was decent, his coaching team impressed Even with a 13-12 loss. He highlighted a great deal of optimism, which will be among the most significant things for a newcomer. It is especially impressive since Minshew is a guy who came from a Mike Leach offense in college.
Going from your air tape to pro-style can be difficult for young gamers, but Minshew looked nice on the market. That will not guarantee a repeat performance over better this week against the Titans. The Titans are probably going to bring more pressure at him than the Texans could. Do not expect a thriller with plenty of things in this , but we likely observe a competition. Head below to our complimentary Titans vs. Jaguars pick in Week 3 on Thursday Night Football.
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The Titans dropped a close one with a score of. Jacoby Brissett went to Nissan Stadium and then put a damper following the beatdown that they handed the Browns on the pastime from Nashville. Brissett threw for 146 yards with 3 touchdowns and an interception. Not a lot of yards, once the opportunities were presented but dozens were switched for by him.
Jordan Wilkins led the Colts with 82 yards on the ground. The Colts were helped by mariota out . Set some long drives together to place the Colts in spots and he failed to flip the area. Brissett was able to throw 3 touchdowns on just 146 yards because the Titans handed out free area ownership.
Mariota finished with only 154 yards and a touchdown. The Titans were led by derrick Henry with a score and 81 yards. The game could have gone either way. No one excelled offensively and that which was well even between groups. The Colts were able to make one or two more plays than the Titans, though. Defensively that the Titans were excellent . Defense from the Browns propeled them .
Tennessee are likely to provide some issues to Minshew here. He faces a more comprehensive test on Thursday night, although everyone is packed with Minshew. The Titans will be 2nd in the league in Week 1 and 2 after allowing just 182.5 yards passing per game. Anticipate the Jaguars to lean in this game frequently on Leonard Fournette. Minshew demonstrated some promise, however we must keep in mind that a great deal is for him to learn. Look for the Titans to provide him a lesson in ball protection and reading defenses in this matchup.
There is a little chaos at the Jaguars’ locker room following Jalen Ramsey was seen arguing on the sideline with head coach Doug Marrone. That while it isn’t seen by us, there is a lot more behind the scenes happening that we are not privy to, and really does nothing for staff morale. Reports have the Jaguars in the marketplace for a trade involving Ramsey.
Minkah Fitzpatrick got his wish and Ramsey is likely next. The Jaguars are 21st in the league using 377 yards allowed per game in just two matches. On a brief week and a number of distractions in the locker room, Mariota along with the Titans need to be capable of using that only enough to catch several breakdowns. This looks like 23-14 or a 21-17 win in favour of the Titans on Thursday night to get Week 3 of the NFL underway.

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