The UTEP Miners stay this week after a 36-34 win over Houston Baptist.

A triumph over Houston Baptist, a team that have won only two games at the FCS that the previous two years, is not the finest of wins. But it’s the first win at home since November of 2016 of UTEP, in order that has been reason to celebrate for the Miners. It gave football fans to take their minds.
UTEP were led by Treyvon Hughes around the ground. He also romped for 144 yards and 2 touchdowns around 6.3 yards per carry. After viewing the tape, then the Houston Baptist tackling would not have been able to slow down a offense and was dreadful. However, credit UTEP for accessing the monkey off their back, having not won a home game since 2016. To find the win, UTEP had to stop a drive that was late by Houston Baptist deep in Miners’ territory. HBU and the red zone were flirting until UTEP obtained a strip sack and turnover late.
The positive there is that UTEP acquired the triumph. On the reverse side, that could very well be the only game that the Miners win this year. Looking at their schedule, they’re likely going to be underdogs from the majority of their remaining matches. They do not have the most difficult schedule, therefore it is improbable, although possible. At a minimum, UTEP should conquer Rice in the last game of the season in El Paso.
Texas Tech got off in the home to a start against Montana State. They had an FCS opponent in Week 1, but managed to throttle them. All passers were, I think you’re likely to find in 2019 led by Among the quarterback in Week 1 with 436 passing yards. He could have had more, but the Red Raiders have been gashing Armand Shyne as well with Montana State on the ground. Shyne rushed for 125 meters on a whopping 11.4 yards per carry. There wasn’t enough time for your ball. Head below for our complimentary UTEP vs. Texas Tech pick.
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Pundits in part because of the passing of Kliff Kingsbury are passing over texas Tech. Remember, Kingsbury did not resign from Texas Tech and go to the NFL, that he had been fired from his role as head coach at Texas Tech. That is frequently lost in translation. Kingsbury had a insult to playing defense, and his shooting was a result of not fielding a competitive shield.
Matt Wells, who was from taking Utah State from a nobody to a title, responsible, will emphasize defense for this group. Utah State were famous because of their shield that was underrated, and he’s likely going to turn Texas Tech to a defense that was respectable .
Also, a huge setback to Kingsbury using the Red Raiders last season was the injury to Alan Bowman. After throwing darts for a 11, bowman suffered a collapsed lung. After he murdered, Bowman had 17 touchdowns and 7 interceptions on 69.4% completions in his first season of college. The QB situation was rocky for Texas Tech. Jett Duffey, who’s currently third on the depth chart, started games with combined outcomes for the Red Raiders.
Wells has a healthful Bowman to utilize and nothing is being changed by him up with all the strategy. The Red Raiders are going as becoming off as many plays as they may run. They conducted a 95 plays against Montana State at Week 1. Bowman is going to have the UTEP shield on border, since the Miners have to move from 0 to 100 against one of the worst teams at the FCS to one of the quickest crimes in the FBS.
UTEP’s offense is going to be largely predictable using the alternative game involving runner Treyvon Hughes and QB Brandon Jones. Jones is not much of a passer. He struggled against a FCS defense last week, converting only half of his passes on passing. He rushed for 33 yards for a touchdown on the ground, but he isn’t a burner. Hughes is the guy the Tech defense must be mindful of the majority of all.
Kingsbury didn’t leave the cabinet empty for Wells. Their strength is combined with defensive lineup using Broderick Washington. He is strong and fast in the middle, and so is going to conquer the UTEP offensive point . Expect loads of plays to go backward for the Miners within this one.
Texas Tech may not own a defense to contend with an offense like Oklahoma but this ought to be simple for them. The Red Raiders shouldn’t be fooled by the choice here. If Texas Tech want to, they can name the score in this match. UTEP are a base 5 group from the FBS that aren’t by any means prepared to contend with Texas Tech. 52-14 looks about right, that is sufficient for your cover of 34.

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