When it appeared that the handle that is entire could have reached a plateau, the West Virginia sports betting market had its best week ever. After accepting around $6.5 million handle for the previous month, WV sportsbooks earned more than $7.7 million in wagers for the week of Oct. 12.
This week handle surpassed the previous best by over $1.1 million.
Because online sports betting apps returned into the Mountain State, the market has taken off. This will be the tenth consecutive week that the overall handle has attained at least $6 million.
FanDuel and DraftKings online sportsbooks effect have been incredible so far. Apparently, there is still space for the gambling industry to increase in WV.
For sportsbooks handle came a large cash Together with the big . They generated more than $1.3 million in earnings, the second-highest ever recorded in the nation.
This is now two weeks in a row which revenue reached seven chords.
The sport gambling action probably wont slow down anytime soon. Whereas the NBA and NHL seasons are only getting started The two Marshall and WVU soccer are at the middle of the conference schedules.
This weeks record includes action from Oct. 6-12 from these WV sportsbooks:
Listed below will be the key takeaways from the Oct. 12 amounts:
The week of Oct. 12 was the busiest in the history of sports betting at WV. With over $7.7 million in wagers, this week flew beyond the previous high of about $6.6 million.
The rise of this week is especially notable Although the handle did not increase too significantly in any of the last four months. It is clear that online sportsbooks have helped the market enlarge to new degrees and this growth may not be near stopping.
So far as revenue is concerned, it looks like WVUs failure to pay again solidified for sportsbooks. Since the Mountaineers could not stay within 10 points of Iowa State, WVU backers took yet another reduction supporting the books of the state.
Unfortunately, WVU football bettors have been disappointed with the loss from Oklahoma. If the next weeks record strengthens a similarly strong showing for revenue, we are going to find out.
The spike handle this week could be thanks to the calendar while the return of mobile sports is vital. Obviously, soccer remains king, but the MLB playoffs, in addition to the start of the NHL season , may be crucial contributors to the gambling this week manage.
With all the college and NBA basketball gearing up, also, it is possible the WV marketplace can reach new heights.
Here are the?? most recent figures ??released by the WV Lottery Commission since?? WV sports began in August 2018:
It had been an wonderful week for sports. Overall handle increased 17% and set a record with $7,755,369.87 for the week.
Revenue amounts were strong as well. The total amount of $1,354,194.85 has been a 6% jump in the week ahead.
Hollywood Casino continues to direct all WV sportsbooks. It bounced back from a lull that was mild to specify a new record this past week.
That is the very first time the manage of Hollywood has exceeded $5 million. Its handle is more than 1 million greater than a week ago.
Though it did not have, the Greenbrier ended in second. In fact, the handle of its sportsbook reduced slightly from the last week.
Regardless of not matching its handle from a week, it is now the second right time The Greenbrier has hit 1.2 million in manage.
The week might belong to the Mountaineer Casino. It was able to reach 1 million worth of stakes.
The retail book was doing good since soccer season started and has set a new best for handle. If a mobile app was found by Mountaineer, it would contend to be the sportsbook in WV.
Here is how the WV sportsbooks rank for manage:
The revenue figures look fairly like last week. Hollywood Casino leads the way with almost $1.1 million in revenue.
Hollywood had a wonderful week with its sportsbook, although its revenue didnt grow as much as the complete manage. DraftKings earned more than $325,000, about $50,000 more than it did.
Mountaineer Casino climbed to second, making roughly $170,000 weekly. Its Mountaineers highest-earning week at over a month, Though this isnt the performance.
The Greenbrier didnt possess a quality showing for earnings. It managed just $98,000 a week later submitting $200,000. This really will be actually the Greenbriers lowest revenue total in six weeks.
FanDuel, its online partner, brought in its revenue figure since the program published. The 80,000 from FanDuel is greater than $100,000 less than last week.
Wheeling Island lost $260 Though Mardi Gras Casino didnt cover any bets.
Here is the way the WV sportsbooks rank for earnings that is weekly:
The Mountaineers lost a game for the week of the 12th to Iowa State. WVU ended up losing 38-14 and didnt score, after being tied at the half. The margin was more than sufficient for the Cyclones to cover the spread and send dwelling frustrated again to WVU football fans.
This week may be a bit slower since the WVU Mountaineers possess their bye. Their next match is about Oct. 31 against the undefeated Baylor Bears.
Bettors in the country can put down some money Marshall, though. The Herd are slight favorites entering their matchup with Western Kentucky.
Listed below are Marshalls odds Based on the online sportsbooks at FanDuel, DraftKings along with WV:
The NFL season nears the point that is midway with plenty to be decided.
The following are this week odds based on FanDuel and DraftKings:
Chris Imperiale covers sports gambling and the internet casino industries. He has a journalism degree from Rutgers University and was on staff at Bleacher Report.
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