Interview with Lisa Jey Davis. Pilates and Lagree Fitness trainer and award-winning author.

Lisa Jey Davis

I am a best selling and award-winning author. I’m also a former publicist, Hollywood TV show professional, and a former single mom (just got married this past September). In addition I am a Pilates and Lagree Fitness trainer in and around the Los Angeles area




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"Eat clean and light. Low fat, low processed carbs (or none, if you can), and low sugar"


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1 - How can I get motivated to start a healthy/active lifestyle?

I believe motivation has to come from the way you set up your life. If you surround yourself with friends or people who inspire, are healthy, aspire to continue to get stronger and healthy.. you will do the same. You have to be willing, and then you have to take that step every single day… that step that is in favor of you WINNING.

2 - What are your best tips to get a flat stomach?

LOTS of abdominal exercises, a focused pilates routine, and lowfat dairy products or foods high in calcium (believe it or not, they’re known to slim down the waist!)

3 - Do I need to take supplements? Why?

I’ve never been a big proponent of supplements. If I can eat farm-to-table organic as much as possible, I should be able to maintain a healthy body and fight off those things that would threaten my health. I’m not opposed if people take them, I’ve just never found the make-or-break need to take them.

4 - Do you think it's easier for guys to lose weight than it is for women? Why?

In general, men seem to be able to lose weight easier then women. They tend to have more lean muscle tissue, which burns more calories than body fat, even when at rest. So, their biological makeup is completely different, and they don’t deal with the levels of estrogen or progesterone we women deal with. It makes their ability to lose weight much easier. Funny thing is, once a woman stops producing her own female hormones, she tends to GAIN weight, rather than lose. Go figure. These are all generalizations, of course. There are exceptions to everything.

5 - What is the most underrated concept in fitness?

That if you aren’t running or jumping around, it’s not enough exercise, or it isn’t going to burn enough calories, or fat, or sculpt the muscles. In fact, low impact, high intensity workouts have been shown lately to be much more effective for slimming down and shaping up than any other form of exercise.

6 - How do you make exercise a more enjoyable activity?

I change it up all the time. And for me, it’s all about the music! I play music to sing along to or to keep my mind occupied.

7 - How much is too training?

I can’t define that as a general rule. It depends on the person. The key is to listen to your body. Those periods at rest between workouts are just as crucial to getting and staying in shape as the actual workout itself. In fact, in some cases a person will burn more calories repairing the muscles during rest, than they did in their workout. Just listen to what your body needs, and follow the key principles of workout and rest, and you’ll be good!

8 - Please, give us your best pre-workout tips 

1) Hydrate 2) Eat a light snack 20-30 mins prior (don’t try to get a huge workout in on an empty stomach) 3) Warm up – don’t stretch… just do some mild warm up exercises to get ready to rock (you can and should stretch after your workout).

9 - What's a good exercise & diet routine?

Eat clean and light. Low fat, low processed carbs (or none, if you can), and low sugar. Exercise a minimum of 2-3 times per week and increase frequency or intensity as you begin to feel its gotten easy. Don’t stagnate!

10 - What newbie mistakes did you make when you first started training?

All of the above things I said not to do! LOL!!! Running, jumping, thinking aerobic was the only way to go… and not resting in between workouts!

Download  our FREE Ebooks "5 Amazing Fitness interviews" + "Loose weight without hunger")
100% Free Instant Download. Click here

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